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vim 7.3

You need vim 7.3. It was reported that ATP is not working on VIM 7.2 (without any patches). Look at output of vim command :version to see which version of VIM/GVIM you have.


ATP requires Align Plugin (ver ≥ 36j available here you need the ASTRO-ONLY version not the one from by Charles Campbell. ATP has :TexAlign command (and a map) which are handy to make source code of bmatrix, balign, align, alignat, eqnarray, equation, falign, displaymath and tabular environments look nice.

vim settings

You need to set :filetype plugin on and :syntax on in your vimrc. The last one is neccessary for some ATP tools, even if you don't want to use vim color highlighting. You can also add :filetype indent on if yuo want to use the indentation feature of ATP. See filetype vim help.


ATP uses python. It is written so that you can use python3 or python2.7. You can use ATP without python but some features will be much slower and some might not even work (for example the progress bar and AMS Ref interface, :UpdateATP, :Tags and possibly other things as well). So your vim/gvim should be compiled with +python (or +python3) feature and you should have installed python in your OS. You can check if your VIM/GVIM has python by reading :version output (inside VIM), or by using :echo has("python") and :echo has("python3"). See :help +python and :help +python3.
You also need one additional python library: psutil. You should be able to install it using OS specific tools, or you can get it using the link. Installing python libraries is quite easy. Just follow the link. The library psutil is packaged in a standard way (using distutils). So it is enough to untar the file and run python install in the terminal from the psutil directory (where the psutil file is located).


Latexmk program is available in TeXLive TeX distribution. Your GNU/Linux distribution might package it separately (debian, ubuntu, gentoo, fedora, ctan). It is needed for Latex Box plugin included in ATP. However, ATP has also other command to build your project, see :MakeLatex.


The detex program is used to make proper word count with :WordCount ATP command. It is included in TeXLive TeX distribution, but your GNU/Linux distribution might have a separate package for it.


If you want to use :Wdiff command you will need GNU wdiff program, available here, debian, ubuntu, gentoo, fedora.


ATP has a command :PdfFonts to see the embedded fonts inside your pdf output file. Sometimes some institutions requires that all the fonts must be embedded, then you can check if all fonts are indeed embedded. This command uses pdffonts program. It is available for various GNU/Linux distributions: debian, ubuntu, gentoo, fedora.


You should not use vim-latex plugin together with ATP. If you want you can disableATP with :let g:no_atp=1. But this needs to be set in vimrc file or before loading tex file into vim buffer. Possibly, you could write small script which let you choose which plugin to use.