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Suggested Plugins

These are very nice plugins, compatible with ATP, which help a lot to use VIM.

Gundo Plugin

Gundo Plugin visualise VIM undo tree and makes it really usable.

Align Plugin

Align Plugin which is required by ATP for :TexAlign command.

Auto Align Plugin

Auto Align Plugin: automatically align formulas as you type them.

Recover Plugin

Recover Plugin which makes vimdiffs when you recover files from swap files. GitHub repo.

Yank Ring Plugin

Yank Ring Plugin which provides history of previous yanks, changes and deletes.

Easy Motion Plugin

Easy Motion Plugin which provides simple way of VIM motions (like f, F, t, T and others). GitHub repo.
See the ATP help file (:help atp-EasyMtion) how to configure EasyMotion with ATP.

Locate Open Plugin

Locate Open Plugin which provides VIM interface to locate compatible program.

Command Alias Plugin

CmdAlias Plugin which allows to constract user defined aliases to commands which starts with lower case letter. You can map ATP command :TEX to :tex.

Language Tool Plugin

Language Tool Plugin: This plugin integrates the LanguageTool grammar checker into VIM. Current version of LanguageTool can check grammar in many languages: en, eo, de, pl, fr, es, it, nl, lt, uk, ru, sk, sl, sv, ro, is, gl, ca, da, ml, be. See LanguageTool for more information LanguageTool.


If you know other highly usable plugin which should be placed here let me know at mailing list.

Other LATEX Plugins for Vim

This is a list of LATEX plugins for Vim. You can check this web page for new stuff.


Vim-LaTeX Plugin by Srinath Avadhanula and others: which attempts to provide a comprehesive set of tools to view, edit and compile LATEX documents without to ever quit Vim.


AuTeX Plugin by Carl Mueller: this is a large collection of LATEX macros, with inspiration from the emacs package "auctex", among other places.


LaTeX Box Plugin by David Munger: small nice plugin which provides interface to latexmk (background compelation), completion commands, and some other smart tools. (Its extended version is included in ATP).


TeX_9 Plugin by Elias Toivanen: TEX_9 is a ftplugin that enhances significantly the writing experience of high quality documents with LATEX and VIM. The scope of TEX_9 is to rely first and foremost on features that are already available in VIM and try to keep things as simple and snappy as possible. Indeed, TEX_9's codebase is only about 500 SLOC. Written in Python 2.6.


TeX Pdf Plugin by Jeet Sukumaran: This plugin provides support for specialized lightweight "stay-out-of-your-way" TEX-to-PDF compilation and viewing. In contrast to some of the other more comprehensive TEX/LATEX suites, it provides nothing else but two commands, and leaves the rest of your VIM platform undisturbed, except for a few key maps to invoke the commands.
Provides interface to Rubber.

TEX Mini

TeX Mini Plugin by Pouya Tafti: facilitates the preparation of LATEX documents in VIM without requiring you to master a new interface (it basically provides some minimal <tab> completion for some common LATEX environments and macros).

TEX Autoclose

TeX Autoclose Plugin: Provides mappings to automatically close environments.