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ATP help

This web page contains documentation for Automatic Tex Plugin.

Here is html version of ATP VIM help split into smaller parts. You can use this google search bar to find things.

Here is a quick reference for ATP (pdf, tex)

Here is html version of ATP VIM help file in one long file.

Here is the native VIM help file: VIM native ATP help file

Vim help

If you are looking how to learn vim, there is a simple program vimtutor shipped with vim or check out Open Vim Tutorial. You will learn the basic commands, how to move around, how to copy (yank), paste, how to use registers, and most importantly how to use VIM internal help (:help) to learn more, and more, and more ...
Here is link to VIM online help.


There is a vary nice blog for beginners by Darek Waytt with several nice video casts and very good section about vimrc file.
You can also look at vimcast blog.

My vimrc and atprc file

Here is my, nicely formated, vimrc file. Since I use VIM mainly for text/tex edditing rather than sirious programming you might find usefull to look at it.
And my atprc file which differes from the ATP default options and explains many of them (but not all, yet ...).