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Automatic LATEX Plugin for Vim (ATP) provides commands and maps to edit, build and view the output of LATEX files in one of the greatest editors: VIM. You can see long feature list here.
The main purpose of this plugin is to make you free from compiling cycle. When ATP finds that the file has changed it fires compiler of your choice and makes your document in the background (using autocommands). All you have to do is write (and read). ATP was the first plugin which provides this functionality.
Maps are highly configurable (some of them you can be turn on/off temporarily).
ATP has a powerful Tab completion for commands, environments, closing environments and brackets ... . It also completes labels by numbers (as seen in your output file, see this video).
Instead of folding ATP provides Table of Contents, which also can be used to copy (yank), move, paste sections.

ATP is written in VimL and Python (and is compatible with both python 2.7 and 3.1). This makes searching tools very fast.

ATP contains LaTeX Box plugin, which is developed here. It provides VIM interface to latexmk, which is included in TeX Live TeX distribution. However your GNU/Linux distribution might have a separate package for it: debian, ubuntu, gentoo, fedora.


You can download one of the stable versions or a snapshot (or click the Releases button of the RSS reader on the right and choose file to download).
Snapshots have recent bug fixes, are published more often, and they contain unstable versions of new features. If you want to have the latest version or you want to help with testing you can use them. You can download vba file or tar.gz file. To install vba file all you have to do is open it with VIM and run the following vim command ':source %'. The tar.gz file has to be unbundled in your ~/.vim directory. (Note: it is not contained in any directory!!!, test it with tar -tzf first) Don't forget to run ':helptags ~/.vim/doc', if you install from tar.gz bundle.
Here is a list of requirements.

You need to set :syntax on and :filetype plugin on in your vimrc file for ATP to work. If you want to have indentation you should also add :filetype indent on.

On Gentoo you can emerge ATP. Thanks to Tim Harder for the ebuild (app-vim/automatictexplugin).


If you have ATP you can use :UpdateATP[!] to update ATP to the latest release (without bang "!") or to the latest snapshot (with bang "!") from inside VIM. If you have installed snapshot and you want to downgrade to latest stable release use :UpdateATP.

Mailing List

ATP mailing list. You can use it for questions, help, feature requests, bug reports, etc ...


ATP is hosted at Get Automatic LaTeX Plugin
		    for Vim at Fast, secure and Free Open
		    Source software downloads. You can clone the repository with this command:
git clone git:// atp-vim-code
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Support Project

If you would like to support development you can donate (using PayPal or a credit card).
You can also vote on the ATP Vim web page.
Why to donate? Help me get new hardware!